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Featured Project

Custom Air Handling Replacement Unit for a Fortune 100 Corporation.

This six-section split replacement unit was designed to retrofit existing mechanicals and features DX evap cooling and gas heat.


Energy Recovery Technologies

XeteX draws from a variety of energy recovery technologies for state-of-the-art energy efficiency and indoor air quality: Energy Recovery Wheels, Desiccant Wheels, Flat Plate Heat Exchangers, Heat Pipes, and Run-Around Coils. 

XeteX delivers eXellence!

From basis of design, manufacturing to delivery, XeteX is your innovative air handling solutions partner!


Our knowledgeable team of Sales Engineers support our Independent Sales Representatives through all phases of a project from initial bid to delivery and any follow up service needed.

Custom Engineering.

From system design engineering to electrical, refrigeration and mechanical engineering, XeteX custom air handling systems are eXpertly designed to perform for high efficiency and reliability.


The XeteX manufacturing team is led by industry veterans who understand quality manufacturing, safety, and leading a team of men and women who are passionate about MADE IN THE USA.

Your Air Handling Solutions Partner.

custom air handling unit

Custom Air Handling

XeteX design engineers and manufactures the most energy-efficient, large-scale, high-capacity custom air handling systems for challenging and critical applications. Customization offers maximum flexibility to your equipment layout, sizing, and accessibility, and allows for casing splits for ease of transportation and installation.

Custom air handling for waste water treatment plants

Waste Water Treatment Facilities

XeteX addresses the corrosive conditions and explosive potential waste water treatment environments pose. Air handling and energy recovery ventilation systems are designed with non-corrosive materials and explosion-proof products for long-lasting performance.

custom air handling with desiccant dehumidification

Desiccant Dehumidification

XeteX Custom Desiccant Dehumidification Air Handling Systems are design engineered to deliver precision control in critical environments. These systems provide extra dry air (down to 15 grains) to prevent condensation and mold/fungus from forming. 

Custom ERV

Energy Recovery Ventilation

XeteX uses state-of-the-art energy recovery technologies to deliver the highest energy effectiveness for commercial and industrial applications. XeteX systems are designed to reduce energy consumption, save resources and money, and improve indoor air quality.

Custom air handling for pools and natatorium

Natatorium Dehumidification

XeteX Natatorium Dehumidification Air Handling Systems are designed to manage indoor air quality and climate control, as well as provide energy efficiency through material and product selection, custom engineering, and manufacturing for long-time performance.


Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems

DOAS are designed to separate the zone level comfort conditioning and the space ventilation requirements utilizing 100% fresh outdoor air. XeteX draws from expertise in energy recovery, packaged refrigeration and high-efficiency equipment designs that provide a DOAS solution to meet any system design requirements.

Need a Rep?

Let XeteX locate a Rep near your project.