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Pool / Natatorium

XeteX Natatorium Dehumidification

XeteX Natatorium Dehumidification Air Handling Systems

Indoor pools, therapy pools, and water parks pose unique challenges to indoor air quality, energy efficiency, water and air temperature comfort, humidity management, as well as the corrosive effects chemicals have on the facility, building envelope, interior fixtures, and adjoining spaces.

Aquatic facilities are energy-intensive spaces keeping water and air temperatures comfortable for swimmers. High humidity requires continuous dehumidification, and pool chemicals require ongoing air replenishment.

XeteX addresses these challenges through custom engineering and manufacturing of natatorium ventilation and air handling systems to deliver healthier, more comfortable environments for indoor pool occupants. These designs save building owners money through energy efficiency and material selection that preserve the facility from corrosive elements.

XeteX employs energy recovery ventilation using epoxy-coated sensible flat plate heat exchanger technology. Incoming fresh air is pre-conditioned and is further heated or cooled to meet supply air requirements. This approach helps reduce operational costs when compared to standard mechanical dehumidification pool systems.

Another important consideration is selecting non-corrosive materials and coatings to protect against corrosive elements. This ensures long life for the equipment when operating in this harsh environments.

XeteX Custom Natatorium Features

  • Up to 250-tons of air cooled condensing
  • Epoxy-coated Aluminum Flat Plate Heat Exchanger
  • Aluminum interior
  • Coated heating and cooling coils
  • Aluminum or coated supply and exhaust fans
  • Indirect fired gas heaters with stainless steel tubes
  • 2” aluminum mesh return air filter
  • Programmed DDC controls


Natatorium Dehumidification Projects

custom pool eru for healthcare

Custom Natatorium Dehumidification Energy Recovery Unit for Healthcare

Unit weight, unit dimension, duct locations and electrical load were critical in the design. The main pool space is served by 144,000 CFM of air divided into three units operated in a master/slave configuration.

XeteX replacement natatorium AHU

Custom Natatorium Dehumidification ERU for an Aquatic Center

This custom replacement AHU features thermal break construction; all aluminum interior; an epoxy-coated aluminum flat plate heat exchanger; indirect fired gas heater; and an epoxy-coated DX coil to produce 43 tons of air-cooled condensing and 2200 MBH.

Custom natatorium dehumidification ERU for a High School

Custom Natatorium Dehumidification ERU for a High School

This XeteX custom natatorium dehumidification ERU features an epoxy-coated aluminum sensible-only flat plate heat exchanger with up to 74% effectiveness and all aluminum interior construction. 

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