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Helping Buildings Breathe Better

Design Engineering and Manufacturing eXpertise

Founded in 1984, XeteX unlock your building environment’s full potential. Through engineering design and manufacturing eXpertise, XeteX delivers high-performing, sustainable HVAC systems that optimize indoor air quality, increase energy efficiency, elevate occupant comfort, and enhance operations.

XeteX incorporates the latest technologies into your air handling system — application optimized energy recovery devices, advanced refrigeration components, and energy-efficient variable control (Inverter Scroll) compressors, and fans with EC motors.

XeteX designs and manufactures integral customized refrigeration sections — up to 250 tons — in air-cooled, water-cooled, heat pumps, and evaporative condenser arrangements.

XeteX systems deliver precise temperature and humidity control, and excellent ventilation for any building type and size.

Custom Engineering

Premium Features

Maximum Flexibility 

  • Equipment layout
  • Sizing
  • Casing splits
  • Accessibility
  • Fan arrays
  • Capacities up to 150,000 CFM and 250 tons


Air Handling & Ventilation System Solutions

custom air handling unit

Custom Air Handling System

natatorium dehumidification

Natatorium Dehumidification

Waste Water Treatment Plant System

Waste Water Treatment

desiccant dehumidification for a surgical suite

Desiccant Dehumidification

Pharma Lab ERU

Energy Recovery Ventilation


Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems

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