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Nov 2023 DYK Design

DOAS with Coated HX and Explosion Proof EA Motor

This custom XeteX DOAS is designed for a waste water treatment plant with explosion-proof features and non-corrosive material selection to sustain harsh conditions. Learn more by requesting the Nov DYK Design.

DYK Oct 2023

Custom RTU with Water Source Heat Pump

This XeteX project features a custom outdoor water source heat pump unit with an impressive 267 tons of cooling capacity and 60K CFM for a university. Learn more by requesting Oct DYK Design eNewsletter.

DYK August 2023

Custom Low Profile ERV

XeteX custom design engineering is useful for many instances including small form factor. The August Did You Know Design features the smallest of nine indoor energy recovery ventilation units installed within the tight constraints of an attic within a correctional facility. Learn more by requesting the August DYK Design eNewsletter.

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DYK July 2023

Custom Air Handling Unit

XeteX design engineers and manufactures many unique custom air handling units including replacement units to retrofit existing curbs and hookups to mechanicals. The July DYK Design features a six-section split custom outdoor DX cooling and Gas Heat Air Handler. Learn more by requesting July DYK Design eNewsletter.

DYK June 2023


AVENTUS semi-custom pre-engineered high efficiency Energy Recovery Ventilation units by XeteX offer many options to meet your application needs. The June DYK Design features an Outdoor ERV with indirect Gas Heat for a Commercial Building. Learn more by requesting the June DYK Design eNewsletter.

DYK May 2023

Indoor 90K CMF Custom Air Handling Unit

The May Did You Know Design features a custom split section Air Handling Unit for a Semiconductor Manufacturer with a large AccoustFlo fan array for quiet operation. Learn more by requesting the May DYK Design eNewsletter.