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XeteX DYK March 2024

Custom AHU with 45K CFM and All-Aluminum Weight-Savings Design

Discover what's inside this XeteX custom air handling unit for a Manufacturing Facility with 45K CFM and an all-aluminum weight-savings design. 

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XeteX DYK Feb 2024-2 WWTP

Custom Explosion Proof MAU With Corrosion Resistant Aluminum Design

This XeteX custom make up unit is one of six designed for a WWTP featuring Explosion Proof Class-1, Div-1 motors, freeze stat, unit wiring actuators, lights, GFCI, and filter gauges, corrosion-resistant aluminum construction and heresite-coated parts.

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XeteX DYK Feb 2024-1

Custom RTU W/Packaged DX Cooling, Heating, And 3-Level Multi-Zone Dampers

This XeteX custom roof top unit designed for an educational facility is located near the ocean featuring a non-corrosive aluminum construction, 37 tons of cooling, and a three-level multi-zone damper to regulate air flow.

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XeteX DYK 2024 Custom AHU for Surgical Center

Precise humidity control, 25 tons of cooling, and 5,700 CFM

Discover what's inside this XeteX custom air handling unit for a Surgery Center to deliver precise humidity control, 25 tons of cooling, 5,700 CFM, and premium air filtration. 

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Custom Outdoor Desiccant Dehumidification AHU

The December Did You Know Design showcases a customized AHU for an ice arena featuring a high-capacity active regen energy recovery wheel with heat reactivating H4M molecular sieve desiccant removing up to 296 lbs. of moisture per hour.

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Extra Large Custom DOAS with 67K CFM

This XeteX unit features an extra large custom DOAS with dual energy recovery enthalpy wheels to provide 70% energy effectiveness and low cross contamination, plenty of filtration for indoor air quality, and hydronic coils with 67K CFM. Instead of multiple air handling units, XeteX designed the heating, cooling, and humidity control in one three-section split unit to condition an entire office facility. Learn more by requesting November-2 DYK Design eNewsletter.


DOAS with Coated HX and Explosion Proof EA Motor

This custom XeteX DOAS is designed for a waste water treatment plant with explosion-proof features and non-corrosive material selection to sustain harsh conditions. Learn more by requesting the November-1 DYK Design eNewsletter.

DYK Oct 2023 267 Ton Custom RTU with Water Source Heat Pump

Custom RTU with Water Source Heat Pump

This XeteX project features a custom outdoor water source heat pump unit with an impressive 267 tons of cooling capacity and 60K CFM for a university. Learn more by requesting Oct DYK Design eNewsletter.

DYK July 2023

Custom Air Handling Unit

XeteX design engineers and manufactures many unique custom air handling units including replacement units to retrofit existing curbs and hookups to mechanicals. The July DYK Design features a six-section split custom outdoor DX cooling and Gas Heat Air Handler. Learn more by requesting July DYK Design eNewsletter.