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XeteX delivers eXellence!

From basis of design, manufacturing to delivery, XeteX is your innovative air handling solutions partner!

Custom Air Handlers

XeteX air handling units are large-scale, high-capacity systems custom engineered to deliver precision control in critical environments.

Custom design allows for unlimited flexibility in equipment layout, sizing, casing splits, and accessibility. Engineers want XeteX custom air handling units when they are dealing with the following challenges:

  • Custom Application Designs
  • Form Factor Constraints
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Reduced Weight
  • Specialized interiors to handle caustic environments
  • Sound Reduction

XeteX validates design performance with in-factory performance testing of:

  • Casing Leakage
  • Panel Deflection
  • Airflow validation
  • Sound performance

XeteX Design Features

  • XeteX custom air handling units can be sized up to 100,000 cfm and 250 tons of cooling
  • Refrigeration designs with precision control utilizing either digital scrolls or inverter controlled compressor options
  • Dual-panel casing with mineral wool or foam insulation in 2”, 3” or 4” panel depths
  • Optional true thermal break panels and doors
  • Removable casing panels and framing members allowing for component upgrades or replacement
  • Fan arrays with direct drive AC motors with VFDs or optional EC fan motors to reduce energy consumption
  • Wide range of material options including galvanized, painted, stainless steel, and aluminum

Construction Features

  • Welded wash-down floors
  • Full-service vestibules
  • Explosion-proof construction

Featured XeteX Custom Air Handlers


Custom Air Handling Unit With Packaged AC & Humidifier

This featured project is a custom Air Handling Unit with Packaged AC and Humidifier for an aerospace/defense manufacturing application.


Custom 200 Ton Air System

This featured XeteX project is a 200-ton replacement custom air handling unit with challenging downtown installation logistics.


Custom Outdoor Air Handling Unit with DX Evap Cooling & Gas Heat

This featured project is a Custom Outdoor Air Handling Unit with DX Evap Cooling & Gas Heat for a Fortune 100 Corporate Headquarters.

XeteX Custom Air Handling Unit for a Surgery Center-ahu

Custom Air Handling Unit for a Surgical Center

The integrated components of this XeteX custom air handling unit deliver efficient humidity control, cooling, heating, ventilation, and premium filtration for a Surgical Center.

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