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XeteX delivers eXellence!

From basis of design, manufacturing to delivery, XeteX is your innovative air handling solutions partner!

XeteX Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS)

DOAS are designed to separate the zone level comfort conditioning and the space ventilation requirements. In this design, a central, dedicated outdoor air unit is used to dehumidify and temper the outdoor air to meet both the latent-cooling load and the ventilation requirements for all spaces served by the system.

XeteX’s expertise in energy recovery, packaged refrigeration and high-efficiency equipment designs give us the ability to provide a DOAS solution to meet any system design requirements.

Custom DOAS Features

  • 100% Outdoor Air


Custom Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems

large casino DOAS

High Capacity Ventilation DOAS

This featured XeteX project is one of eight high capacity ventilation Dedicated Outdoor Air System units designed for a casino to provide up to 30 air changes per hour.

DOAS for a manufacturing application

DOAS for a Manufacturing Application

In this Xetex project, a Custom Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) with a robust 120-ton DX is showcased, designed specifically for a fragrance manufacturing application.


Extra Large Custom DOAS with 67K CFM for an Office

This XeteX custom DOAS features dual energy recovery enthalpy wheels to provide 70% energy effectiveness and hydronic coils with 67K CFM. 

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