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XeteX uses state-of-the-art energy recovery technologies to deliver the highest effectiveness for commercial and industrial application.

Energy recovery ventilation (ERV) technologies are used in XeteX equipment to reduce energy consumption, save resources and money, and improve indoor air quality.

ERV technologies use the temperature and humidity from the return air to pretreat the outdoor air supply for an HVAC system. ERVs improve air quality through the increase in fresh air and return air facilitating better air exchange, dilution, and removal of harmful elements within recirculated air.

Energy Recovery Technology Comparison

XeteX draws from a variety of energy recovery ventilation (ERV) technologies including: 3A Desiccant Energy Recovery Wheels (Sensible Only and Latent); Cross Flow Plate Heat Exchangers (Sensible Only or Enthalpy); Counter Flow Heat Exchangers (Sensible Only and Latent); Heat Pipes (Sensible Only); and Run-Around Coils (Sensible Only).

Technologies range in energy recovery effectiveness, maintenance with moving parts, cost and cross contamination.

XeteX optimizes system designs to deliver the highest Recovery Efficiency Ratio (RER).

The RER is a metric used to compare energy recovery device efficiency. It reflects the impact of pressure loss through the device as parasitic fan power. Higher RER values produce higher energy savings.



State-of-the-Art Energy Recovery Technologies

energy recovery wheels

Energy Recovery Wheels

3A Desiccant (Sensible Only and Latent) or Sensible Only

counter enthalpy flow plate heat exchanger

Counter Flow Plate Heat Exchanger

Sensible Only and Latent

Cross Flow plate heat exchangers

Cross Flow Plate Heat Exchanger

Enthalpy (Sensible Only and Latent) or Sensible Only


Custom Energy Recovery Units

Custom Energy Recovery Unit for a Lab

Custom Outdoor ERU for a Lab

Featuring an epoxy-coated Aluminum Flat Plate Heat Exchanger.

Casino ERU

Custom Outdoor ERU for a Casino

Featuring an acrylic polymer coated 3A AIRotor Enthalpy Energy Recovery Wheel

Custom Outdoor ERU for a Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Featuring an Aluminum Flat Plate Heat Exchanger.

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