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XeteX Equipment Startup Services 

XeteX factory certified technician travels to the jobsite when the unit is read for startup

  • Inspects the unit for proper installation at the site
  • Verifies the proper functioning of the equipment
  • Validates the equipment performance
  • After startup is completed, operational data is logged in a startup report

NOTE: Only qualified and trained HVAC technicians can perform the startup operations. XeteX is not responsible for any damage or repair if the startup is performed by non-factory certified personnel.  A completed startup report must be returned to XeteX before warranty coverage begins.


Before Startup

Before the startup process begins, the unit must be properly installed by the installation contractor. All electrical, gas, plumbing, and ducts, etc. must be installed BEFORE the XeteX technician arrives at the site.  

NOTE: If the Startup technician arrives on site and the unit installation is not finalized, the technician will leave the site, the customer will be charged for additional travel expenses, and the technician will return when start up is ready to begin.


Start-Up Request Steps (Completed By Customer)

To schedule start-up on a job,  a COMPLETED Start Up Form is REQUIRED PRIOR TO SCHEDULING STARTUP. Current startup lead time is 4 weeks.

Download, complete and email the Start Up Form and email the completed form to