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Limited Warranty and Disclaimer Policy

(Read the XETEX terms and conditions of sale for additional details, conditions and exclusions.)


XeteX warrants that at the time of delivery and for a period of twelve (12) months from the initial startup or eighteen (18) months from the date of shipment, whichever is less, its products will be free from defects in materials and manufacture, provided that the products have been installed properly, maintained and operated under normal conditions and serviced in accordance with XeteX’s instructions, and are operating within capacities and ratings set forth in design specifications. Labor or consumable parts are not included in this limited standard product warranty. Consumable parts include, but are not limited to, refrigerant, belts and filters.


While labor is not included in the XeteX standard product warranty, XeteX offers a limited labor warranty, for a period beginning on the start-up date and continuing for sixty (60) days, with the completion and documentation of a qualified start-up. The limited labor warranty will not be available if the product warranty has expired.

Start-up services are included on all XeteX compressorized products, and may be available as an option on other XeteX products. These services must be performed by a XeteX Certified Technician. Startup services include verifying proper operation of the unit, including proper refrigerant charge and repair of minor refrigerant leaks outside the coil. At the completion of start-up, an approved start-up record must be submitted to XeteX for processing. Once the start-up record is received, the (60) day limited labor warranty, from date of start-up, will be activated. Labor associated with the diagnosis, validation and repair of warranty parts failures will be covered outside of the start-up, at a negotiated labor rate.   For startup services requiring a return trip due to the equipment not being ready (ie: connected to utilities), XeteX will charge the customer for additional travel expenses.  Review the XeteX Startup document for a pre-startup checklist to be completed prior to the date of the startup.


XeteX may supply equipment at a customer’s request which has components, like controls, sensors, drives, which are engineered, provided, programmed or configured by other non-XeteX parties. XeteX does not provide a warranty for these parts or components. These components can be mounted in the factory or at the jobsite. In these instances, XeteX’s support is limited to verification of basic functionality of the components and not the overall operation or integration of the equipment within the overall building HVAC system. As stated in the XeteX Terms & Conditions – Seller provides no independent warranty for third party products or components sold together or incorporated with seller’s product(s).  Read section 9 in the XeteX Terms & Conditions for full clarification.  In these situations, XeteX will assist to the best of their ability in the diagnosis of issues and provide support to the customer provided the customer issues a purchase order to cover XeteX’s expenses in doing so.