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120 Ton DX DOAS

In this Xetex project, a Custom Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) with a robust 120-ton DX is showcased and designed specifically for a fragrance manufacturing application.

120 Ton DX DOAS

Although the unit did not handle any caustic substances, the customer placed great importance on proper handling of fumes. Addressing this concern, a flat-plate aluminum heat exchanger was chosen for its minimal EATR leakage. Additionally, a specialized control sequence was implemented to maintain a negative pressure differential on the exhaust side of 1.5”w.c. below that of the supply side, ensuring optimal performance. Finally, the custom DOAS utilizes MERV 8, MERV 13 and Charcoal filters to remove particulates for the OA, RA, and SA streams. Unit startup was provided by a factory certified technician, as is key for any custom unit to ensure correct operation.


Unit Specification

Model: XHS-80-120-RT-BP-CD-HI-SF-AC

Height: 136”

Width: 164”

Length: 438”

Weight: 38,000 lbs.

OA Summer Design: 93°Fdb / 74°Fwb

OA Winter Design: 10°Fdb

Supply CFM: 28,000

Energy Recovery: Aluminum flat plate HX

Cool Type: 120 tons - DX

Heat Type: Indirect Gas Furnace

Leaving Cooling Temp: 53.8°Fdb / 53.6°Fwb

Leaving Heating Temp: 68.0°Fdb



  • Outdoor unit with 2” double wall construction:
    • 18ga/22ga casing with mineral wool insulation
  • Welded steel base frame
  • Unit designed in four split sections


  • 460/60/3 single point power connections with non-fused disconnect switches
  • Access Lighting
  • ODP Premium Motors 


A) Low leakage OA shut-off damper
B) OA 2” MERV-8 Filter
C) OA 4” Mini Pl MERV-13 filters
D) OA face & bypass dampers with actuators
E) EA shut-off damper
F) SA & EA Fan arrays with energy-efficient airfoil fans
G) RA 2” MERV-8 filters
H) RA Carbon filters
I) XLT flat plate heat exchanger
J) SA Carbon filters
K) DX Coil
L) Stainless steel indirect-fired natural gas furnace

large doas for manufacturing drawing

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