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Custom 200 Ton Air Handling Unit

Situated on the rooftop in the vibrant hub of Times Square, this XeteX featured replacement project showcases four outdoor air handling units with up to 200 tons of cooling.

 XeteX custom air handling unit with 200 tons of coolingXeteX design engineered and manufactured four custom rooftop air handling units ranging from 17,000 CFM (100 Ton) up to 36,000 CFM (200 Ton) with a 4200 MBH indirect fired gas heater.

Custom Replacement Air Handlers

To meet the specific requirements of the project, XeteX designed and engineered four custom rooftop air handling units as direct replacements for the existing Mammoth Ultraline units. These new units were carefully designed to fit seamlessly into the existing unit footprint and meet the exact weights of the previous units.

Recognizing the importance of a quiet operation, XeteX incorporated advanced sound insulation and noise reduction technologies into the design. This ensures that the air handling units operate with minimal noise disturbance for surrounding residents and building occupants.


  • Model: XAH-36000-RT-CD-HG-HI-AC
  • Height: 118”       
  • Width: 132”        
  • Length: 658”       
  • Weight: 35,000 lbs            
  • Supply CFM: 36,000
  • Cooling Type: DX coil and HGRH coil
  • Cooling Capacity: 2,425 MBH
  • Heating Type: Indirect gas fired heater
  • Heating Capacity: 4,200 MBH


  • Double wall construction with 2" mineral wool insulation
    • 18ga galv paint exterior
    • 22ga galv interior

Project Features

  • Direct Mammoth Ultraline replacement units
  • Used existing unit footprint
  • Meets existing unit weights
  • Perf Liner In Blower Plenums for quiet operation
  • Improved unit efficiency


  • 2" MERV 8 OA filter and 12" MERV 13 final filter
  • Indirect gas fired Heater
  • Hot gas reheat coil
  • DX Coil
  • 200 tons
Custom AHU drawing


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