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Custom AHU with 45K CFM and an All-Aluminum Weight-Savings Design

Highlighted in this XeteX project is one of four custom air handlers tailored for a manufacturing facility. These AHUs feature an all-aluminum weight-savings design and 45K CFM for continuous climate regulation, humidity control, and enhanced indoor air quality.

XeteX Custom AHU


Model: XAH-45000-RT-CW-HW-RC
Dimensions: 146”H x 146”W x 445”L
Weight: 21,460 LBS
Supply CFM: 45,000 CFM
Cooling Type: Chilled Water Coil
Cooling Capacity: 1,666 MBH
Heating Type: Hot Water Coil 
Heating Type: Humidifier Manifold
Heating Capacity: 987 MBH


  • Outdoor four-section split-sectioned unit
  • Thermal break construction 4” double wall casing with injected foam R-28 insulation
    • 0.080 aluminum exterior casing
    • 0.080 aluminum interior casing
  • Welded 8” structural aluminum base frame with welded lifting lugs
  • 0.080 aluminum floor with 2” polyIso foam R-14 insulation

Other Features

  • Factory-mounted Carel DDC Controller programmed for full unit control
  • SA and EA Piezo Flow Rings
  • Aluminum drain pans in coil sections
  • 1/8” aluminum tread plate in walk-in access areas
  • OA and EA dampers with integral Ebtron


A. SA 12” HEPA filters
B. SA fan array
C. SA blower VFDs
D. Unit split into four sections
E. Humidifier manifold 
F. Hot water coil
G. Chilled water coil
H. RA fan array
I. EA blower VFDs
J. OA 2” MERV 8 filters
K. Piping vestibule

XeteX custom AHU drawing

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