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Custom AHU with Precise Humidity Control for a Surgical Center

This XeteX custom air handling unit was specifically engineered to meet the demands of a Surgical Center and constructed for long-lasting performance. The integrated components of this AHU deliver efficient humidity control, cooling, heating, ventilation, and indoor air quality to provide a comfortable and healthy environment for patients and staff.

XeteX custom AHU for a Surgery Center

One of the standout features of this AHU is the steam humidifier manifold to maintain precise humidity control. Another component is a packaged DX coil, producing up to 25 tons of cooling. The air handler is equipped with premium MERV 8 OA filters and 12-inch MERV 14 SA filters. These filters effectively remove dust, allergens, and other pollutants, to ensure a healthy environment.


Model: XAH-5700-RT-RC-CD-HI-HU-AC
Dimensions: 58”H x 66”W x 354”L
Weight: 7,000 lbs.
Supply CFM: 5,700 CFM
Heating Capacity: 160 MBH
Cooling Capacity: 25 Tons


  • 2” double wall galvanized casing with Injected Foam insulation (R-14);
    • 20ga galvanneal exterior casing coated with the XeteX gray acrylic finish, which not only enhances its aesthetics but also protects against corrosion
    • Galvanized 20ga interior casing
  • Welded 6-inch structural steel base frame and welded lifting lugs, making it easier to move the unit into position

Other Features

  • Factory-mounted full unit controls
  • Piezo flow ring to enhance airflow circulation


A. 2” MERV 8 OA Filters
B. DX Coil
C. Supply Fan with Piezo flow ring and 1” spring seismic isolators
D. 304SS Indirect Fired Burner
E. Steam Humidifier Manifold 
F. Integral Steam Generator
G. Air Cooled Condensing Section
H. Compressors
I. 12” MERV 14 SA Filters
J. Exhaust Fan with 1” spring seismic isolators

XeteX Custom AHU drawing for Surgical Center

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