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Custom ERU with Flat Plate HX, Packaged DX Cooling & Indirect Gas Fired Furnace

This XeteX custom energy recovery unit is equipped with a flat plate heat exchanger, packaged DX with air-cooled condensing, and an indirect gas fired burner. 

Designed to enhance indoor air quality and regulate temperature and humidity levels, this unit is ideal for maintaining a comfortable indoor pool environment.



Model: PXHS-40-72-RT-BP-CD-HI-AC
Dimensions: 110”H x 102”W x 330”L
Weight: 14,500 LBS
Supply CFM:  9,000 CFM
Energy Recovery: Flat Plate HX
Energy Effectiveness: 71.2% Summer / 82% Winter
Heating Type: Indirect Fired Burner
Heating Capacity: 1,200 MBH
Cooling Type: Pkg DX with Air-cooled Condensing
Cooling Capacity: 50 Tons


  • Outdoor unit with thermal break construction
  • 2” double-panel casing with injected foam insulation
    • 18ga galvanneal outer casing with acrylic paint
    • 0.050 aluminum inner casing selected for natatorium design
  • Welded 8” structural steel base frame with lifting lugs with acrylic paint
  • Aluminum drain pan
  • 16ga galvanized floor with 2” injected PolyIso foam (R- 5.7/in) insulation

Other Features

  • SA and EA Piezo flow rings


A. OA monitor includes a Ebtron Advantage 3 Gold flow station
B. Aluminum mesh filter OA filter
C. HX face/bypass damper 
D. Aluminum Flat Plate Heat Exchanger 
E. EA aluminum fan with 1” spring isolators 
F. Condenser fan
J. Condenser coil
H. DX cooling coil
J. SA aluminum fan with 1” spring isolators 
K. 409 SS indirect fired furnace with modulating valve (20 to 1) 
L. Compressor


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