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Custom ERV with Active Regen Desiccant Wheel & Enthalpy Wheel

Equipped with dual energy recovery wheels, this XeteX indoor custom ERV is one of five for a 12-story office high-rise specifically designed for a low-delivered dewpoint of 42F. Paired with a chilled beam system, the XeteX units deliver energy efficiency, indoor air quality, precise temperature regulation, and humidity control. Aluminum construction reduces unit weight and the four-section split unit design streamlines installation.

CUSTOM AHU with Active Regen Desiccant Wheel & Enthalpy Wheel

XeteX helps buildings breathe better and reach their full potential.


Model: AHR-2200-DXH-CW-CW-HW-RG
Dimensions: 100”H x 123”W x 370”L
Weight: 14,800 LBS
Supply CFM: 8,200 CFM
Regen Airflow: 2,500 CFM
Cooling Capacity: 342 MBH (Pre-Cooling) / 154 MBH (Post-Cooling)
Heating Capacity: 482 MBH / 122 MBH Regen
Wheel Efficiency: 77% Winter / 75% Summer
Desiccant Wheel: LAT Moisture: 40.0 GR/LB


  • Indoor unit
  • 3” double wall construction with mineral wool insulation;
    • 0.063” aluminum exterior casing with XeteX Gray acrylic paint
    • 0.063” aluminum interior casing
  • 8” structural steel welded frame with lifting lugs
  • Aluminum floors

Other Features

  • Four-section split unit design streamlines installation
  • Perforated liner for acoustic dampening in SA, EA and Regen fan sections 
  • Bipolar ionization and quality MERV filtration for enhanced indoor air quality
  • 65k SCCR


A. OA 2” MERV 8 filters
B. Enthalpy wheel with bypass dampers and purge sector
C. SA 4” MERV 13 final filter
D. Pre-heat HW coil
E. Pre-cool CW coil
F. Active regen desiccant wheel
G. Supply fan array
H. Post-cooling chilled water coil
I. 2” MERV 8 regen filters
J. Exhaust fan array
K. 2” MERV 8 filters
L. Regen HW coil
M. Regen fan
N. Section splits

XeteX Custom AHU drawing for 12-story office

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