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Custom ERV with High Plume Exhaust Fans

This XeteX project features a custom energy recovery ventilator with an aluminum flat plate heat exchanger for a pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Lab ERU with High Plume Exhaust Fans

This Custom ERV services a lab space where precise control of the temperature and humidity are critical. Due to the high amount of outside air and tight range of delivery conditions required, XeteX employed the following design strategies to ensure reliable desiccant dehumidification year round:

  • Variable speed inverter tandem Scroll compressors
  • Low ambient condenser kit
  • 10:1 Indirect gas fired heater
  • Short absorption steam humidifier manifold

Another noted feature on this unit was the high plume lab exhaust fans. These specialized exhaust fans were provided by the rep and field installed on our pre-engineered mounting curbs with pre-wired electrical connections.


  • XHS-50-90-RT-BP-CD-HI-FF-AC
  • Height: 127”
  • Length: 322”
  • Width: 172”
  • Weight: 34,800 lbs
  • Supply CFM: 15,440
  • Exhaust CFM: 15,670
  • Energy Recovery: Aluminum flat plate heat exchanger
  • Cool Type: DX
  • Heat Type: IDF gas heater
  • Condenser: Air cooled

Unit Highlights

  • Outdoor ERU with custom color exterior
  • 2” injected foam panels
  • Aluminum tread plate floor
  • Epoxy coated aluminum flat plate heat exchanger
  • 80 tons air cooled condenser with low ambient kit
  • Variable speed tandem Scroll compressors
  • Short absorption humidifier manifold with stainless steel liner
  • Dual direct drive supply fans
  • Walk in service vestibule
  • Field installed integral structural curb for lab exhaust fans
  • Perforated liner in fan sections for quiet operation
  • HEPA (99.97%) filtration

desiccant dehumidification drawing

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