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Custom Explosion Proof MAU with Corrosion Resistant Aluminum Design

This XeteX custom make up unit is one of six that was design engineered and manufactured for a waste water treatment plant. Units feature Explosion Proof Class-1, Div-1 motors, freeze stat, unit wiring actuators, lights, GFCI, and filter gauges. Plus, corrosion-resistant aluminum construction and heresite-coated parts help the units perform to their full potential while operating in a harsh environment. 

Explosion proof div 1 class 1 MAU


Model: XAH-18000-RT-HW-XP
Dimensions: 86”H x 106”W x 140”L
Weight: 4,750 LBS
Supply CFM: 18,000 CFM
Heating Equipment: Phenolic Coated Hot Water Coil
Heating Capacity: 1,000 MBH


  • Outdoor unit with thermal break construction
  • 4” double wall casing with injected foam (R-28) insulation;
    • 0.063 aluminum exterior casing
    • 0.063 aluminum interior casing
  • 6” structural aluminum base frame
  • 0.080 aluminum floor with polyIso foam (R- 6.0/in)

Other Features

  • Plumbing and Electrical Chase


A. NEMA 7 enclosure with control panel
B. Explosion-proof light (3)
C. SA two-fan array with explosion-proof motors and 1” isolator springs at base  
D. Explosion-proof freeze stat
E. Phenolic Coated Hot Water Coil
F. 2” MERV 8 OA filters with filter pressure gauge
G. Explosion-proof GFCI
H. Explosion-proof light switch
I. Explosion-proof filter gauge
J. Explosion-proof actuator

XeteX Custom Explosion Proof Makeup Unit with Corrosion Resistant Design

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