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Custom Indoor AHU with Packaged DX and Electric Heater

This custom indoor XeteX air handler delivers 10 tons of cooling capacity for a commercial facility. Featuring a ducted, air-cooled indoor condensing section, a plenum fan array is used in lieu of standard axial fans to handle the higher-than-normal static pressures associated with the condenser air ducting. Other notable features are electric heat as the primary heating source and quality filtration including a catalytic air cleaner with integral UV lights.



Model: XAH-2500-CD-HE-RC-AC
Dimensions: 89”H x 56”W x 142”L
Weight: 3,650 LBS
Supply CFM: 2,500 CFM
Cooling Type:  Indoor packaged AC
Cooling Capacity: 10 Tons
Heating Type: Electric Heater
Heating Capacity: 22 KW


  • Indoor unit
  • Double wall construction with 2” mineral wool (R-value 4.0/in) insulation
    • 18ga galvanneal exterior casing with gray acrylic paint
    • 22ga galvanneal interior casing
  • 6” structural steel welded frame and lifting lugs
  • Galvanneal floors with 2” PolyIso foam (R- 5.7/in)
  • 304 stainless steel drain pan

Other Features

  • Indoor condensing section for package AC
  • Catalytic air cleaner with UV lights included in SA
  • Access doors with testing ports


A. Open-coil electric heater in SA AC section
B. Test port
C. SA fan in plenum frame with RIS isolators
D. Two plenum condensing fans with RIS isolators
E. 2” MERV 13 pre-filters OA
F. DX cooling coil
G. Catalytic Air Cleaner with UV lights
H. Compressor
I. Condensing coil


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