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Custom Natatorium ERU with Coated HX and 35K CFM

Replacing a 15-year-old unit, this XeteX custom natatorium dehumidification Energy Recovery Unit was designed for a high school. It features an epoxy-coated aluminum sensible-only flat plate heat exchanger with up to 74% effectiveness and 35K CFM. The non-corrosive all aluminum interior construction will provide long-lasting operation. 
XeteX custom natatorium dehumidification ERU


Model: PXHS-60-90-RT-BP-HW-RC
Dimensions: 142”H x 130”W x 336”L
Weight: 19,000 lbs
Energy Recovery: Sensible-Only Flat Plate HX
Effectiveness: Winter: 74%
Supply CFM: 35,200 CFM
Heating Capacity: 3,644 MBH


  • Double wall casing with 2" injected foam (R-value 6.9/in) insulation
    • 18ga galvanneal exterior casing with XeteX gray acrylic
    • 0.063 all aluminum interior casing
  • Welded 8" structural steel base frame with welded lifting lugs
  • Base frame covered with a welded 22ga galvanized sheet metal skin to ensure no water leakage through floor
  • 2” upturned floor with drains in all sections for ease of cleaning 


  • XeteX Unit DDC Controls
  • Piezo flow rings for supply and exhaust fans
  • SA and EA fan bases with non corrosive aluminum construction enhance stability and 2" spring isolators reduce vibrations


A. 2” MERV 8 OA Filters
B. Face and Bypass Damper
C. Aluminum Epoxy-Coated Crossflow Energy Recovery Heat Exchanger
D. Hot Water Coils are cased with alum and a protective coating
E. SA and EA Fan Back Draft Dampers
F. Supply Fan Array
G. 2” MERV 8 RA Filters
H. Recirculation Damper
I. Exhaust Fan Array

XeteX natatorium dehumidification ERU drawing

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