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Custom Outdoor AHU with DX Evap Cooling & Gas Heat

This replacement project showcases an XeteX custom outdoor Air Handling Unit specifically designed for a prestigious Fortune 100 corporate headquarters.

A Remarkable Retrofit and Replacement Custom Air Handler

XeteX is North America’s leading custom air handling systems manufacturer for industrial and commercial applications. Heating, AC, and ventilation can be design engineered and manufactured in one unit with split-sections for efficient rigging and transportability as shown in this replacement project.

installed custom air handling unit

In 2021, XeteX won the bid to deliver a high energy efficient custom air handling system to replace a 30-year-old outdoor system. Then in 2023, XeteX was chosen to replace a second similar system due to the quality performance of its first custom air handler.

XeteX custom designed the system with high energy efficiency products while retro fitting the new system into the existing footprint and utilizing the existing mechanicals. Not easy to do, but XeteX successfully delivered another high quality custom air handling system to perform for decades to come.


Model: XAH
Height: 122.5 inches
Width: 300 inches
Length: 600 inches
Weight: 83,000 lbs
Supply CFM: 86,300
Cooling Capacity: 3,594 MBH
Heating Capacity: 5,401

Constructed as a six-section split unit, it boasts 3" panels with a gasketed thermal break, ensuring excellent insulation and energy efficiency. The unit features double wall 18ga galvanized exterior and interior casing, providing robust protection for the internal components and ensures system longevity while withstanding harsh outdoor conditions.

  • Six-section split unit
  • 3” double wall 18ga galv. exterior and interior casing with gasketed thermal break
  • 1/8” alum tread floor (floor 0.050” aluminum)
  • SA & RA perf. lined interior for quiet operation

Other Features

  • OA floor drains
  • EA: Motor removal I-beam
  • Bipolar ionization provided upstream of DX coil enhances air quality by eliminating harmful pathogens
  • DX coil with stainless steel casing
  • SCCR control panel: 10 kAIC
  • OA air flow monitoring station
  • XeteX full controls provided
  • Evap. condensing unit field installed by contractor

In addition to its impressive construction, the AHU includes OA floor drains, allowing for easy maintenance and cleaning. The system also incorporates a motor removal I-beam, simplifying the process of servicing and replacing components. The inclusion of bipolar ionization upstream of the DX coil .

The stainless steel cased DX coil efficiently cools the air passing through the system boasts a heating capacity of 5,401, making it suitable for a wide range of year-round climate conditions.

The custom AHU incorporates a SCCR control panel with a rating of 10 kAIC, ensuring safe and reliable operation. It also features an OA flow monitoring station, providing real-time airflow performance.

To complete the system, an evap. condensing unit further enhances the cooling capacity and energy efficiency of the entire system.

The AHU includes several components that contribute to promoting the functionality in providing a comfortable and healthy indoor environment. Six return fans ensure efficient air circulation within the system. The 2" MERV 8 OA filter helps to remove airborne particles and improve indoor air quality. The DX evap. cooling coil plays a crucial role in the cooling process, while the UV lights help to eliminate bacteria and viruses. The inclusion of a humidifier manifold ensures optimal humidity levels.

The AHU also incorporates a gas-fired steam generator, which provides additional heating capacity when required. It features eight supply fans, ensuring a consistent and regulated airflow throughout the system. The indirect fired gas burner further enhances the heating capabilities of the system, making it suitable for year-round operation. Finally, the vestibule provides a dedicated space for compressors and electrical panels, ensuring easy access and maintenance.

This XeteX custom AHU offers unparalleled energy efficiency, reliable performance, and enhanced indoor air quality. 


A. Six return fans
B. 2” MERV 8 OA filter
C. DX evap. cooling coil
D. UV lights
E. Humidifier manifold
F. Gas-fired steam generator
G. Eight supply fans
H. Indirect fired gas burner
I. Vestibule for compressors and electrical panels

custom air handling unit drawing

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