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Custom RTU w/packaged DX cooling, heating, and 3-level multi-zone dampers

This XeteX custom roof top unit was designed for an educational facility located a few miles from the ocean. It features non-corrosive aluminum construction with a packaged DX providing 37 tons of cooling, an indirect fired gas furnace, hot gas reheat, and a three-level multi-zone damper to regulate air flow.Custom roof top unit


Model: XAH-11000-RT-DX-HG-HI-RC-AC
Dimensions: 101”H x 98”W x 248”L
Weight: 7,500 LBS
Supply CFM: 11,000 CFM
Cooling Equipment: DX Cooling Coil
Cooling Capacity: 37 Tons
Heating Equipment: Hot Gas Reheat Coil and Indirect Fired Gas Furnace
Heating Capacity:  700 MBH


  • Outdoor unit with thermal break construction
  • 2” double wall casing and injected foam (R-value 6.9/in) insulation
    • 0.050 aluminum exterior casing
    • 0.050 aluminum interior casing
  • 6” structural aluminum base frame

Other Features

  • Control Panel SCCR: 65 kAIC
  • 409 SS Indirect Fired Gas Furnace in SA
  • Differential pressure transmitter 


A. Triple-deck multi-zone dampers 
B. Hot Gas Reheat Coil
C. DX Evaporator Cooling Coil 
D. SA two fan array with plenum frame
E. 2” MERV 13 OA filters with filter pressure gauge
F. AC condensing section
G. EA two fan array