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Custom RTU: Sound Absorbing Design & Energy Efficiency

See inside this XeteX custom HVAC air handling unit for a 52,000-square-foot community center. It is one of four custom HVAC rooftop units specifically designed for ultra-quiet operation, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and year-round climate control. XeteX custom RTU

With the integration of an energy recovery enthalpy wheel, hot water and chilled water coils, and quality MERV filtration throughout, this air handling unit provides year-round energy-efficient climate control, enhanced indoor air quality, and ultra-quiet operation. 


Model: AHR-1800-RT-BP-CW-HW-FF-RC
Dimensions: 104”H x 98”W x 496”L
Weight: 21,000 LBS
Supply CFM: 17,500 CFM
Energy Recovery: Enthalpy Wheel
Energy Effectiveness: 75% Winter / 74% Summer
Cooling Type: Chilled Water Coil
Cooling Capacity: 429 MBH
Heating Type: Hot Water Coil
Heating Capacity: 351 MBH


  • Outdoor unit
  • 4” double wall casing with sound-absorbing mineral wool (R-value 4.0/in) insulation
    • 0.063 aluminum exterior casing with XeteX acrylic paint
    • 0.063 aluminum interior casing
  • Welded 8” structural steel base frame with welded lifting lugs
  • 0.080 aluminum floor with polyIso foam (R-value 6.0/in) insulation
Check out the unique sound-absorbing design features for ultra-quiet operation providing occupants a more pleasant environment for working and learning.

Other Features

  • Housed plenum array for SA and EA fans with integral 2” sound-absorbing insulation
  • Perforated liners for additional sound attenuation in SA and RA fan compartments
  • Five-foot SA and RA Sound Attentuators
  • OA monitor flow station
  • Quality filtration throughout for IAQ


A. OA 2” MERV 8 filters
B. Enthalpy wheel
C. Recirculation damper
E. OA bypass damper
F. SA 4” MERV 13 filters 
G. Hot water coil
H. Chilled water coil
I. SA six fan array utilizing house plenum type fans with PEIZO flow rings
J. Sound attenuators (2) 
K. RA 2” MERV 8 filters
L. EA two fan array utilizing house plenum type fans with PEIZO flow rings
M. EA bypass damper with PEIZO flow rings

XeteX Custom RTU drawings

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