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Dual Tunnel Energy Recovery Unit

This XeteX project features an outdoor custom energy recovery unit (ERU) for a K-12 school. One of the biggest challenges was attempting to capture an photo of this colossal custom Rooftop Unit measuring 98” H x 490” W x 396” L.Custom ERU for a K-12 school

This magnificent brown beauty features two independent energy recovery units combined into a single package with an integral service vestibule serving ventilation air to a K-12 school. The service vestibule allows ample space for the contractor to penetrate the roof deck with water piping and install associated valves and accessories. The school maintenance staff will certainly appreciate the  conditioned service vestibule during harsh winter months.


Model: AHR 2000-RT-RC-CQ-HW  (RTU-1 & Vestibule) 
Height: 98”    
Length: 396”
Width: 317”    
Weight: 40,500 lbs
Supply CFM: 16,300    
Exhaust CFM: 14,100

Model: AHR 2000-RT-RC-CQ-HW  (RTU-2) 
Height: 98”    
Length: 396”
Width: 173”    
Weight: 30,200 lbs
Supply CFM: 19,000   
Exhaust CFM: 17,600

  • Total unit weight = 70,700 lbs
  • Total airflow = 67,000 CFM
  • Total unit dimensions = 98” H x 490” W x 396” L


  • Double-sided casing with thermal break construction
    • 22-gauge painted acrylic exterior
    • 18-galvanized interior
    • 4” injected foam insulation
  • Pressure switch and gauge on each filter bank
  • Access doors with 12” viewports, full length piano hinge, thermally broken frame and individual test ports

Unit Highlights

  • 3A Molecular sieve desiccant energy recover wheel
    • Low cross-contaminating seal and purge sector
    • Includes bypass dampers for an economizer mode
    • Full season VFD controls
  • Modulating Hot Water (EG) valve  provided
  • Modulating Chilled Water (EG) valve  provided
  • Supply and return airflow measuring (piezo ring)
  • 2” MERV 8 pre filter and 12” MERV 11 final filter
  • Factory leakage testing provided @ <1% and 8” w.c.
ERU drawing


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