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ERU with Packaged DX, Indirect Gas-Fired Burner and Epoxy-Coated HX

This custom XeteX energy recovery ventilator is specifically designed for use in a medical laboratory setting.custom ERV with packaged refrigeration and indirect gas heat

This ERV features an epoxy-coated aluminum crossflow plate heat exchanger, a modulating face and bypass damper, packaged DX refrigeration, an indirect gas-fired furnace, and quality MERV filtration throughout. Delivering 12,500 CFM, 30 tons of cooling capacity, and achieving up to 70% energy effectiveness this specialized energy recovery ventilation unit provides indoor air quality and a comfortable climate year-round for this medical laboratory application.


Model: XHS-50-90-RT-BP-DX-HI-FF-AC
Dimensions: 98”H x 124”W x 278”L
Weight: 14,500 LBS
Supply CFM: 12,500 CFM
Cooling Type: DX Evaporator Coil
Cooling Capacity: 360 MBH/30 Tons
Heating Type: Indirect Gas Fired Furnace
Heating Capacity: 495 MBH 
Energy Recovery: Epoxy-coated Sensible-Only Plate Heat Exchanger
Energy Effectiveness: 70% Winter / 62% Summer


  • Outdoor unit
  • 2” double wall construction with injected foam insulation (R-14)
    • 20ga galvanneal exterior casing with gray acrylic paint
    • 18ga galvanneal interior casing
  • 8” structural steel welded frame and lifting lugs
  • Galvanneal floors with 2” injected foam insulation (R-6.9/in)

In addition to its sturdy construction and high-quality material construction, the outdoor ERV includes factory-mounted Carel DDC programmed unit controls allowing for precise and efficient operation. The PIEZO flow rings with a supply airflow monitor pressure-only PIEZO transducer further enhance the unit's functionality by providing accurate monitoring and control of airflow. The inclusion of MERV 8 filters with a stainless steel rack further enhances the unit's filtration capabilities, ensuring clean and fresh air circulation at all times.

Other Features

  • Stainless steel liner in the exhaust tunnel
  • Factory-mounted Carel DDC programmed unit controls
  • PIEZO flow rings; SA monitor pressure only PIEZO transducer
  • Lab exhaust plumes by others


A. AC section
B. Epoxy-coated aluminum plate heat exchanger
C. Modulating face & bypass damper
D. 4” MERV 13 final filter with galvanized rack SA
E. 2” MERV 8 filters with galvanized rack OA
F. Air-cooled VFD compressor with non-o-zone depleting R-410A refrigerant
G. 409 stainless steel indirect gas-fired furnace with 10-to-1 modulating valve
H. SA two fan array with plenum type frame and PIEZO flow rings
I. Air source DX cooling coil
J. 2” MERV 8 filters RA with stainless steel rack

XeteX Custom ERU for medical lab drawing

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