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All-Aluminum HRV with Explosion-Proof Design

This XeteX project highlights an all-aluminum Heat Recovery Ventilator with explosion-proof design for a waste water treatment plant. Its focus: safe spark-free operation, equipment longevity, indoor air quality, and energy-efficient climate regulation--all in one unit.

All Aluminum HRV With Coated Heat Exchanger and Explosion Proof Design

In challenging environments like waste water treatment plants, where the air is often laden with corrosive and volatile gases, air handlers must function free from any potential risk of sparking. It is imperative to ensure a safe and efficient operation with an explosion-proof design compliant with Class 1, Div 2 standards, as well as proper ventilation for air quality.

In addition, HVAC equipment longevity and performance can be significantly enhanced by utilizing corrosion-resistant materials like aluminum and applying protective epoxy coatings. Check


Model: XHS-30-48-RT-BP-HD
Dimensions: 86”H x 70”W x 204”W
Energy Recovery: Epoxy-coated flat plate heat exchanger (sensible)
Energy Effectiveness: 68% Winter / 59% Summer
Heating Type: Direct-fired gas furnace
Supply CFM: 4,000 CFM
Heating Capacity: 400 MBH


  • Outdoor unit
  • 2” double wall aluminum casing
    • 0.063 aluminum exterior casing
    • 0.063 aluminum interior casing with injected foam insulation (R-14)
  • Aluminum 0.080 floor with 2” PolyIso foam (R-5.7/in)
  • Aluminum drain pan
  • 6” structural aluminum frame (2.83 lb/ft) with welded lifting lugs; acrylic paint
  • 0.063 aluminum roof
  • Aluminum SA and EA blower wheels, cones and frames; corrosion-resistant coated EA wheel
  • Aluminum mesh filters OA

Other Features

  • Spark-resistant EA coated fan with explosion-proof motor
  • Explosion-proof RA & EA Temperature sensors and Room and Supply Temperature sensors
  • Explosion-proof filter pressure switch for RA Filters
  • Factory-mounted Carel DDC programmed unit controls


A. 2” MERV 8 RA with aluminum rack
B. Epoxy-coated aluminum flat plate heat exchanger with modulating face & bypass damper control
C. Direct-fired gas furnace 
D. SA TEFC fan motor
E. 1” aluminum mesh filter
F. 2” MERV 8 OA with aluminum rack
G. EA explosion-proof fan motor 

April-2024-Custom-HRV drawing


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