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Large DOAS with Enthalpy Wheels & 67K CFM

This XeteX extra large custom Dedicated Outdoor Air System features dual parallel energy recovery enthalpy wheels to provide 70% energy effectiveness with low cross contamination, plenty of filtration for indoor air quality, and hydronic coils with 67K CFM. Instead of multiple air handling units, XeteX designed the heating, cooling, and humidity control in one unit to condition an entire office facility.Custom DOAS with dual enthalpy wheels


Model: AHR-3400-RT-CW-HW
Height: 148 in    
Width: 274 in    
Length: 408 in    
Weight: 42,200 lbs    
Energy Recovery: Dual 3A Enthalpy Wheels    
Effectiveness: 70%     
Supply CFM: 67,000 CFM    
Cooling Capacity: 1,167 MBH
Heating Capacity: 3,199 MBH    

Split section showing the dual energy recovery wheels

Split section showing the dual energy recovery wheels.


  • Three-section split unit for transport and install
  • Double wall construction with2" mineral wool (R-value 4.0/in) insulation 
    • 20ga galvanneal exterior casing with custom acrylic paint
    • 18ga galvanized interior casing
  • Welded 8" structural steel base frame with welded lifting lugs

Other Features

  • Electrical SCCR: 65 kAIC
  • Factory mounted full unit controls
  • Fused disconnect


A. 2" MERV 13 OA pre filters

B. Dual 3Å desiccant wheels with low cross-contaminating seal system and purge sector

C. Chilled water cooling coil

D. Hot water heating coil

E. SA four fan array

F. Split section

G. 2" MERV 8 RA filter

H. EA four fan array



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