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Low Profile Indoor ERV with Flat Plate Heat Exchanger

Custom design engineering is useful for many instances including small form factor. This XeteX project features the smallest of nine indoor energy recovery ventilation units. All nine low profile units needed to be installed in the tight constraints of an attic located within a correctional facility.Low Profile Indoor ERV

The robust design of each ERV unit utilizes an aluminum flat plate heat exchanger for energy recovery, ease of maintenance, and 0% cross contamination to maximize indoor air quality for occupants.


Model: IAQ-1500-BP-HW
Height: 32 in
Width: 46 in
Length: 120 in
Weight: 2,000 lbs
Supply CFM: 1,000
Heating Capacity: 63 MBH
Sensible Efficiency: 59%


  • 2” non thermal break panels with mineral wool insulation
  • Double wall casing: 18ga galv outer; 22ga galv inside
  • Welded 3" C-channel steel frame

Other Features

  • 18ga exterior/interior insulated access doors and removable panels


A. EA Blower
B. Alum Flat Plate Heat Exchanger
C. Hot Water Heat Coil
D. SA Blower
E. 2” MERV 10 OA filters
F. Face and Bypass Damper
G. 2” MERV 8 RA filters

Low Profile Indoor ERV with Flat Plate Heat Exchanger drawing

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