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Mission Critical Custom Energy Recovery Unit

This featured 40,000 lb. XeteX custom Energy Recovery Unit (ERU) is a comprehensive solution for a large mission-critical pharmaceutical lab. Equipped with an epoxy-coated Flat Plate Heat Exchanger and paired with packaged DX refrigeration, this ERU efficiently recovers energy, maximizes energy savings, regulates temperature, controls humidity, provides indoor air quality, and is designed for long life to withstand the environment.

Installation of Custom AHU


  • Unit: XHS-80-108-RT-BP-CD-HG-HI-FF-AC
  • Height: 140”
  • Width: 148”
  • Length: 556”
  • Weight: 40,000 lbs
  • Supply CFM: 31,750 CFM
  • Energy Recovery: Epoxy coated Flat Plate Heat Exchanger
  • Cooling Type: Air-cooled condensing unit 
  • Cooling Capacity: 160 tons
  • Summer Design:
    • OA = 93°F/75°F
    • SA = 55°F/54°F
  • Heating Type: Indirect Gas
  • Heating Capacity: 3,000 MBH
  • Winter Design:
    • OA = 13°F
    • SA = 73°F

XeteX custom ERU


  • Outdoor ERU with 2" double-sided thermal break construction with injected foam (R-value 14) insulation prevents thermal bridging and enhances insulation performance
    • 18ga galvaneel exterior
    • 18ga galvanized interior  
  • Welded 8" structural steel base frame with lifting lugs
    • Thermally broken 16ga galvanized steel floor with 2" injected foam (R-value 6.9/in) insulation
    • Stainless steel drain pan

Other Features

  • Four circuits and tandem-staged compressors with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) lead optimize the performance and efficiency of the unit
  • Quality MERV filters effectively remove airborne particles and maintain high indoor air quality
  • Supply air four-fan array ensures proper air distribution and circulation throughout the lab


A) Humidifier Manifold

B) Indirect Fired Gas Heater (30:1) with stainless steel tubes deliver a 3,000 MBH heating capacity 

C) Epoxy-coated flat plate heat exchanger

D) 2-inch MERV 8 OA filters

E) 4-inch MERV 14 SA filters

F) Hot Gas Reheat Coil

G) DX Cooling Coil

H) 2-inch MERV 8 RA filters

I) Air Cooled Condensing Unit Coil


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