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RTU with Energy Recovery Enthalpy Wheel, Chilled Water & Hot Water Coils

This XeteX custom roof top unit with an energy recovery wheel is a high-quality solution that not only helps buildings breathe better but also enhances overall indoor climate comfort and energy efficiency for a prestigious academic institution.  

The custom roof top unit utilizes an 3Å molecular sieve desiccant wheel (8” deep) with low cross-contaminating seal system and purge sector to achieve an outstanding energy effectiveness up to 70%. The single unit includes hot water coils and chilled water coils for heating and cooling.

ERV with energy recovery wheel CW HW coils


Model: AVR-1400-RT-CW-HW-FF
Dimensions: 64”H x 84”W x 154”L
Weight: 6,150 LBS
Supply CFM: 4,000 CFM
Energy Recovery: Enthalpy Wheel
Energy Effectiveness: 70% Winter / 68% Summer
Heating Type: Hot Water Coil with Glycol
Heating Capacity: 331 MBH
Cooling Type: Chilled Water Coil with Glycol
Cooling Capacity: 296 MBH


  • Outdoor unit
  • 2” double panel casing with injected foam (R-14) insulation
  • 18ga galvanneal outer casing with acrylic paint; 20ga galvanized inner casing
  • Welded 6” structural steel base frame with lifting lugs with acrylic paint
  • 16ga galvanized steel floor with 2” injected foam (R-value 6.9/in) insulation

Other Features

  • Full factory controls
  • Factory testing: Airflow, pressure, casing leakage, and sound testing
  • Freeze protection thermostat
  • SA and EA fan inlet guard
  • SA and EA PIEZO flow rings


A. 2” MERV 8 OA filter
B. 12” MERV 14 SA filter
C. 3Å molecular sieve desiccant wheel (8” deep) with low cross-contaminating seal system with a purge sector
D. Hot water-glycol heating coil
E. Chilled water-glycol cooling coil
F. SA Fan Array
G. 2” MERV 8 RA filter
H. Recirc damper
I. EA Fan Array



XeteX helps buildings breathe better. Learn more about our custom roof top units with energy recovery.